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Dear soulsister,

I’ve picked out three great posts I’ve found in my neighbourhood for you to take a look at.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

–     How to Keep Believing in Yourself

I stood there catching my breath. A gush of thoughts were racing in my mind. “You don’t even believe in me,” I sighed to my best friend. “No one does.”…..

–     Are you Giving Away your Self Worth?

Whenever we do something new, something big, it’s normal for fear to come up……

–     You Aren’t Broken, and You Don’t Need to be Fixed!

Thank you for trying to fix me.  Now let me tell you this……..

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morals of the story : swans and storks

morals - Swans & Storks

Dear soulsister,

Where did you find yourself on the spectrum of Swans and Storks in the two-part story in the last posts?

Some thoughts on the morals of the story……


—I have a lovely picture on my wall that says “When choosing friends, one should be wise.”

The idea “The company I keep colours me” is a fundamental aspect or law of life. Therefore, it’s important that I acknowledge, understand and make it one of my main guiding principles.

—I need to be clear about who and what I want to be. Then I need to find others I can spend my time with who live and behave as I want to, and who exude the qualities of the type of person I want to be. There are many types of people. To simplify the task of who and what I want to be, its helpful to imagine or draw a spectrum of behaviour. The question I need to ask myself is “where do I want to sit on the spectrum?”

—The next question I need to ask is HOW do I become that person? What are the qualities, aspects, requirements, talents, skills, traits etc, that I need to be this type of person? I can break this question down by asking :

a)     What qualities, aspects, requirements, etc do I already have?

b)     Which ones do I need to become better in?

—c)     Which ones do I need to learn?


Never let go of your feelings of self-worth.  We live in a world where, if we let it, we can be constantly bombarded by messages by way of media, consumerism, family and friends, our education systems, political systems and also religious and spiritual systems, that we are not good enough or not doing things as they should be done!  (as I am writing this paintings of Hell that I have seen during my lifetime are coming to my mind – where human beings are literally tearing each other down!)  Lets move on!

So, amidst all of this, it’s important that we protect ourselves with thoughts and feelings of love and care for ourselves.  Presently I am reflecting on this quote by Lucille Ball, “Love yourself first and everything falls into line.  You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

If we don’t love ourselves and remind ourselves of our inner beauty, uniqueness and greatness, we just don’t have the strength to do anything.  Positive thoughts and feelings, that affirm self-love and self-respect generate enthusiasm and motivation and get us doing the creating and constructing of our lives in the way WE want.

Its important to find ways that help you to keep your self-respect.


When we concentrate on the qualities, specialities, talents and skills of another we help and encourage them to display these.  If we concentrate on their weaknesses and shortcomings, we encourage them to display these.  The energy we send out through our eyes, in our words and in our actions ‘draws out’ similar energy from the one we are concentrating on.

It is common knowledge how important it is to affirm talents and good behaviour in children. The more we affirm goodness, the more the child feels good about themselves.  Affirmation and encouragement give the child the impetus and strength to continue to use their talents and behave well.  The end result is a well rounded, strong and capable human being.

However, for some reason we forget to do this when we deal with adults.  We think that adults are grown up so no longer need affirmation, but this isn’t necessarily so.  Even though the body may be that of an adult, the human soul has had it’s own journey to travel.  All our journeys are different.  All include setbacks, obstacles, wins and failures.   We need to keep this in mind and always be able to provide help and guidance to each other ALL along the way.

So be mindful of what vision you have on others by remembering that we all influence and affect each other with the energy we generate and put out into the world.


Are there any other morals/lessons you’ve picked up from the story about the Swans and Storks?  If so, please share 🙂

Take care.  Much love,

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