8 powers we need for inner strength

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Dear soulsister,

Whenever we talk about power or powers, usually there is either a feeling of negativity or we think of mysticism, clairvoyance or psychic ability.  We use the word ‘power’ to describe an unwanted force being directed at or over us or others.  Sometimes we use it to describe a force that WE direct at or over others, which undoubtedly would be unwanted.  When we use the word ‘powers’ what comes to mind is a Harry Potter story, a Fairy Godmother story, a Witch story or, what had been the fashion in the last few years (though I have never understood why), Vampire stories.

In relation to spirituality, both power and powers refer to the energy and the strength that is needed for the soul to enjoy life, and we all have this potential within us.  Power and powers inspire, that is, bring life into.  Just as the lungs of the body release toxic air, that is they expire, and if they didn’t breath air in again, we would expire as well.  When they take in clean air or ‘life’, they inspire.

Life should be clean, clear and joyous.  None of us want a life that is full of rubbish, obstacles and unhappiness.  We want bright sunny days, clear roads, happy people to ‘play’ with, and to be able to sleep in comfort at night.

Whilst in terms of physicality we know that this doesn’t happen, but in terms of the spirit it can.  In my mind, my heart, my attitude and outlook, I CAN have a sunny day.  I can have clear roads if I choose to see the roads that way and deal with any problems that come up constructively, as a game of challenges, honing my skills like a successful player.  I can play with happy people, if I have the power to influence them with MY happiness.  And I can sleep in comfort at night if I haven’t picked up any rubbish in my travels during the day.

By becoming skilled in the following 8 powers I can achieve this :

The Power to Face challenges, obstacles, problems and difficulties so that I conquer them and they don’t conquer me.

The Power to Tolerate them for as long as I need to be able to effectively deal with them in a constructive way.

The Power to Stop or let go of the difference of opinion, the need to do something, or the intensity I feel, and take a breather, have a break, change the scenery to be able to come back with a different perspective.

The Power to Withdraw or be introspective to see clearly what the situation is and what needs to be done.

The Power to Judge or weigh things up, to see the pros and the cons.

The Power to Discern and understand truth from falsehood, and reality from illusion.

The Power to Accommodate or accept what I can’t change.

The Power to Co-operate or support so that a task can be achieved, even if it might be the task of someone changing themselves.

These powers are like the arts of living.  They are expressions of the self that can make life beautiful and enticing and something that everyone wants to have.

Have a wonderful day!

I think that there is a sort of

much love as always,

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