having choice means having power

“You can’t cross the sea merely by

Dear soulsister,

The soul can only take so much hurt. Yet many keep on going in for more. Lack of self-worth often causes us to get, or try to get our worth from the most unworthiest of sources.

Many ask “why?”

Why don’t the ones who are hurting every ask “Why?” – “Why am I hurting? Why am I doing this? Why do I spend time with people who hurt me? Why don’t I want more from life? Why don’t I do something about it?”


For many of you reading this, you may be thinking, “I’ve heard this all before.” And yes, we hear it time and again. If this is you, by all means, move on. I have no problem with that. But there may be one person reading this who it will make a difference for. And that’s why I writing it.

If you are not happy with your life, start asking “Why?” Once you have found the answer, or you think you have, then ask “What can I do about it?” There will always be SOMETHING you can do. It needn’t be a huge thing, but there will be something you CAN do to start moving yourself towards the life you want and the life you will be happy in. It may take time, but it will never happen unless we start.

Once you have settled on what you can do, start doing it.

We can feel powerless. We can feel we have no control over our own lives. We can feel that we have no choice. But sister,

You do have a choice to do what you want at least ONCE during the day.

Therefore, you do have control over your life at least ONCE during the day.

Therefore, you do have POWER at least ONCE during the day.

There will be ONE thing that you can do every day that will start to make a difference in your life…..it may be :

  1. going for a walk
  2. pulling out some weeds
  3. journaling your feelings (you can throw it away as soon as you write it, if you are afraid someone may find it)
  4. spending 5 minutes (or even 1 minute!) imagining you are living the life you want
  5. doing 10 sit ups
  6. singing
  7. being grateful that the sun comes up in the morning
  8. saying to yourself “I am a good person and I deserve all that is good”

When you do this ONE small thing, think to yourself “I’M choosing to do this” “I’M in control right now” therefore “I DO have some power within me”.

You are powerful. You may not be as powerful as you want right now, but if you keep building on these ‘ONE times’ during the day, before you know it you will be realizing that you are choosing to do a number of things, then many things a day. And every time you remind yourself that YOU are choosing, and that YOU have power in that moment, you will feel more and more powerful as time goes on until you have enough power to make the BIG choice and really move on in your life.

So, soulsister, all power to you! You CAN have the life you want.

much love,

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keeping women and children safe

“Assaults against women and children are

Hi there soulsisters,

I have just been away facilitating a silence retreat around the theme of nourishing and empowering the soul with gentleness, kindness and love, and was thinking about what to share with you from the weekend.  As I was checking through my facebook, emails etc I came across two items relating to conventional morality surrounding the treatment of women and the resulting societal problems. So I thought I would share these with you as it seemed that seeing two separate items on this was telling me to do so.

The first item I came across was an interview with Sister Denise Lawrence, a senior teacher with the Brahma Kumaris. The interview discusses the subject “Morality and Gender”.  Denise talks about the history of traditional morals surrounding gender and how conventional morality disempowers and disadvantages women.  She also talks about methods like ‘talking about our feelings and what is happening to us with each other more’ to begin to break down the mystique and silence surrounding violence towards women and children.

The second item was an interview on the Australian current affairs program, 60 Minutes. The interview is with a young mother who has recently been found guilty of the manslaughter of her estranged husband.  The presiding Judge sentenced her to the time she had already done in jail, so effectively she was free, and her lawyer is appealing her conviction.

Jessica Silva had been for many years, consistently and very badly abused by her husband.  The part of the interview which had been posted on Facebook was only a few minutes long and at that point I didn’t know the full story, but it struck me that she was giving the same message as Sister Denise.  Jessica tells of wearing two faces.  One, her ‘public face’ so that her family thought she was happy, and then her ‘behind closed doors’ face where she was scared, timid and fearful of every move she made.

Personally, I know of two close family members who have been abused by partners.  I was horrified to learn of one of them just recently, after 25 years!  This resulted in a broken tooth in the side of her mouth which needed to be crowned.  Just lately also, I have been told of a woman in her 70’s who has left her husband after being abused all of her married life.

Especially as women, I feel very strongly about supporting each other –  being aware, being open and being able and willing to help any sister in need.  I’d like to suggest that anyone reading this today, please make a point this week to take a little extra time and make a little extra effort to get to know the women in your life, whether it be at home or work, your neighbour, or a woman at the local supermarket, or at the bus stop.  If only to let another woman know that she needn’t feel isolated and alone.

The interview with Jessica Silva can be seen via The Kindness Project  The piece was posted on Sunday 19th April.

The interview with Sister Denise is at Morality and Gender.  I’m sure you will enjoy and learn from them.

you  deserve  the very best

Much love,

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