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helping women & girls feel and be GREAT!

Feel your Soul.   Live in Truth.   Shine your Light.

Get wise soulsister!

be inspired, be energised, be loved.

soulsisterwisdom magazine supports and encourages women to live more spiritually enriched, positive and empowered lives.

Showcasing ‘the essence of woman’ through thoughts and feelings, art, music, poetry, and anything else that comes from the heart and soul which will benefit others and the world.

It is a magazine full of wisdom, inspiration, energy and love, helping you empower yourself from the inside out.

In each edition you will meet inspiring women and hear their stories.  You will be uplifted, moved and energised by their sharing, their strong hearts and beautiful minds, their dignity and their grace, and what they contribute to the world.

You will learn how to live with more positivity, clarity, wisdom and spirituality in your life, and you will come to stand tall and strong in the knowledge of who you really are.




  • to encourage and support women and girls to feel spiritually enriched and fulfilled, positive and empowered.


  • to help women and girls feel and be GREAT!


  • to reach over 1 million women and girls and make REAL changes in their lives by changing the way they see, think and feel about themselves.


  • to financially support others who are also helping to make lives better for women and girls.






  • I believe LOVE and KINDNESS are the most nourishing things and that a girl should nourish herself with these EVERY DAY.


  • I believe that TRUTH changes everything. Where there is Truth there’s Love & Trust, and where there’s Love & Trust there’s everything. When a girl is true to herself she will feel empowered to do anything.


  • I believe in BEAUTY. Every girl needs to remind herself DAILY of her absolute and never-ending BEAUTY.


  • I believe that a girl can ATTAIN and ACHIEVE anything she wants and she should do this so that her heart will be filled and she will bring light and power into the world.


  • I believe a girl needs to keep GOD in her heart. When God is in her heart she will always feel happy and safe.






  • say “hi” daily.
  • offer resources for you to use to help you on your journey towards feeling and being GREAT.
  • offer a ‘spirituality, positivity and empowerment’ e-magazine filled with wisdom, love, encouragement and support, with lots of tips and advice on how you can feel and be great in all areas of your life.
  • Listen to what you want and need in your life and do our best to help you get that through the resources we can offer.
  • Search out others who are helping women and girls and financially support them. 50% of our profits will go to others who are helping women and girls to have better lives.




Women and girls are STRONG, CAPABLE and ABLE.  Our world is in a special time, and women and girls have a special role to play in making the world a place that is better for everyone.


Most of us have stories (wrong, untrue stories) that tell us we are not good enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough and we don’t deserve what we want. And let’s face it, its pretty hard to get encouragement and support out ‘there’ a lot of the time.


soulsisterwisdom is an antidote to mainstream thinking both traditional and modern which is outdated and/or not working.


Its time for women and girls to begin empowering themselves from the inside instead of from the outside.  Not from their jobs, relationships, positions, bank balances and wardrobes, but from their hearts and their souls.


So……….What are YOU looking for?


Is it love? Is it direction? Is it encouragement and support? Are you looking for peace of mind? Are you looking for happiness? Are you deep down inside sad, or lonely? Are you bored or feel lost? Is your life going no-where, or, is it even a mess?


Whatever it is, we hope we can help.


So, welcome!


We will try and help you as much as we can.


And together, lets make our world a better place for you and everyone and everything else.


If there is anything  you feel we could provide that would be helpful to you in your life, eg, ideas for courses and workbooks, articles in our magazine, or if you just want to say ‘hi’  please let us contact us at and we will do our best to help you.


stay wise soulsister!

with much love,


 Rebecca Signature

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