do you know who you are?

“She turned to the sunlight    And shook

Dear soulsister,

“Who are you!?” asked the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.

Do you know who you are? Do any of us know who we are? I don’t think so…..not totally anyway. Some of us definitely don’t know who we are at all. Some of us know a little. And some of us more. But there are very very few who know totally who they are.

Most of us are like Alice who found herself in Wonderland. An impossible land of confusion, inability, untruths, fear, tyranny, madness and pain.   For those who lived in Wonderland there was no way out. It was just how things were. Alice visited for a while but it wasn’t her world. Her world was a world where she could make sense of things. Thankfully, (within two hours – the duration of the movie, a much shorter time for her than for most of us!) Alice finally found a way out. She woke up!

I started meditating and studying spirituality thirty years ago. When I first started my youngest sister was the only one who had any interest in what I was doing. Every one else thought I had either gone crazy, it was a fad or I had gotten caught up in some cult. But she didn’t. She was intrigued. Over the years I have given her the odd book or meditation CD. She has asked questions and travelled on her own journey of self-discovery.   A couple of Christmas’ ago I gave her a pack of DVDs of interesting interviews. I think it must have taken her about a year or more to even start watching them.

She was telling me the other day that she was onto the 6th one and she was finally beginning to understand and see what she was here (in this world) for. She was finally – since she was eleven, she told me – beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and feel that she actually had a purpose here. She always knew there was a reason why she was here, but she just couldn’t find it. She was like Alice. After having fallen down the ‘rabbit hole’, wandering around from pillar to post, being told this and being told that, she felt she was at last waking up.

Sometimes waking up takes a long time and sometimes it happens in a flash. I have heard of some people getting to the point where they have totally had enough of feeling lost and confused, and they demand, threaten or in some way very clearly spell out to God that that’s it, they will not take a moment more of it!  And miraculously something happens – an opportunity opens up, someone says something, they read a book or see a movie, whatever it is, it shows them the way out of the ‘dark’ and their life changes for the better.

Truth is important to us. It’s where we feel most happy. When I was trying to find a name for my magazine (which I’m hoping to get the first issue out in June) I wanted a byline to describe a little more about what the magazine would be about. I knew it would be about women and spirituality, but I wanted women, when they read the name and the title to pretty well understand that soulsisterwisdom could be a resource to help them practically integrate spirituality into their lives. I settled on “feel your Soul. live in Truth. shine your Light.”

For me, it’s firstly about ‘feeling’ my Soul – not just knowing it, but being able to FEEL who I am. Then comes the practise of living in Truth, which comprises the truth of knowing and feeling who I am and living in the truth of basic spiritual laws. When I can do both of these things simultaneously, then my Light shines.

So, soulsister…..may you feel your Soul, live in Truth, and shine your Light. May you be like Alice and fully awaken from your dream (or perhaps nightmare!) in Wonderland.

Welcome to Real Land.

With lots of love,

Rebecca Signature