The beauty and greatness of simplicity

Green Sage

Dearest soulsister,

Have you ever spent time looking at a flower or a tree or an animal? Or a river or the sky? Have you noticed that none of them flaunt themselves, saying “look at me!” “look what I’m wearing” or “look at what I’m doing”. They just are. And simply in that ‘being’ is their beauty and greatness. They fully reveal who and what they are and they offer this, freely and unconditionally.

Simplicity is without the clutter of all the different egos or masks that the human soul entertains. It is true self-respect. It is knowing who you are and what your part is in the play of life and then being and doing it. When you know who you are and what your purpose is there is no need to pretend or try to be anything else. You just are. And like the flower and the tree and the sky, your beauty and greatness lay here, in just being who and what you are.

So in your musings, writings, meditations or prayers today, and as you go about your business, reflect on the virtue of simplicity and how you can bring more of this into yourself and your life. How can you practice just being the real you? The you that is deep inside under all of the clutter.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow we will talk about facing and ‘conquering’ weaknesses.

Until then, love always,