Establish a Routine and Be Happy!

Green Paisley


Dear soulsister,

One of the most important aspects of self-care is having a routine. Routine is taught to you from the time you come out of the womb. There are feeding times, awake times and sleeping times. Then as you move into childhood other times are introduced like, school times, play times, extra-curricular activity times, chore times, study times, social times and alone times.

The wonderful thing about routine is that you learn about things like structure and planning, meeting deadlines, pacing yourself, having balance, what you are capable of, what your limits are, and how to manage your energy.

In adulthood, you move into being 100% responsible for creating your own routines and managing your own time. For some, this can be very challenging. Perhaps your personality just recoils at the thought of routine, or perhaps you work at home where there can be many distractions and enticements.

Having a routine will help you to achieve the things that you need to achieve, give you momentum and also a sense of being in control of your life. It helps both the body and soul to have rhythm and generate strength. In stressful situations, having a routine will help you cope a lot better. It quietens you and alleviates worry, anxiety and fear because you know what’s coming next, so psychologically you’re stronger. It will help you in your relationships with others as you will be more able to mesh your schedule with others’ and also deliver what is expected and required of you making you feel both effective and efficient which will have the further effect of making you feel satisfied and others feeling satisfied with you.

In creating your routine, always make room for the following :

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating properly
  • Doing work that you love
  • A spiritual activity
  • Playing and enjoying yourself
  • Being with others
  • Being alone
  • Exercising physically and mentally
  • Doing the necessary chores

If you’re finding it hard to get or keep a routine :

  • Perhaps your life is too crowded – get rid of what’s not really necessary.
  • You may need to set clear boundaries or time limits for some activities.
  • Or, perhaps you’re letting laziness rule you, your lacking determination or you’re not acknowledging the benefits that could be had.

Love yourself enough to establish, or get back into a routine.  It’ll be worth it!

Loving you forever,