life of a soulsister

Pink circles 2

Her special and sacred times – candlelit bathing in the early morning and evening – she hears and sees the trees swaying in the wind, rustling and whispering, the candle flickers with just a little too much breeze coming through the window. And in the darkness and the silence and among the whispers and movements of the earth, she feels her soul.

Early morning hours she wakes, it’s raining and cool. Soft rain, gentle, bathing the earth. And she joins it. She is fully awakened and enlivened. Softly she is reminded of Truth. And Truth is there. She allows its embrace, warm, healing and life giving. Truth loves her so much and she feels that. She loves Truth too. She belongs and she is protected.

For a while they sit. Truth holds her and she feels safe. They sit in love.

And like an incense stick burning, that love wafts into the world, the fragrance touching others. Truth reaches far and wide. And the unhappy, the tired and the lonely begin to feel their souls too.

It moves on and time moves by. And one by one, little by little, the fragrance of the love of the soulsister and Truth spread over the entire world. Bathing it in light and love.

The earth smiles, and souls have begun to shine.

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