The importance of being focused

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Dear soulsister,

Today we’re going to talk about FOCUS. I have been realizing lately that I really need to work on my focus in my meditation practice. I have become aware that I’m really not getting what I want to be getting in my meditations so I need to ‘up’ the amp!

From today I’ve decided to pay more attention to Focus. I’ve decided to be diligent in choosing a topic for each of my daily meditations and pay attention that I don’t wander from that topic. I will do this for a week and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits.

I remember one of my friends who is a school teacher, explaining to his students that meditation is like archery. The Archer needs to concentrate on his target in order to be successful in hitting the target.

When we go for a while not being focused, it begins to affect us. We feel shabby, loose, and a bit all over the place. Focus is actually a nice and good thing to have. We needn’t be rigid and hard, we just need to have direction and purpose. Without focus, our energy can deplete very quickly. When we don’t have focus our minds will start overworking on rubbish. At least when we have focus, our minds are working constructively and create good energy. When the mind works and overworks on thinking waste, it uses up energy and tires us out, or at the very least makes our heads feel ‘sludgy’.

Today, my focus is going to be ‘connection with the purity of The Divine’.   What’s your’s going to be?

Tomorrow…..the importance of routine.

Until then all the best,

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