Let the Sun Shine In



My lesson today is all about letting go of the ‘old’ world and invoking the new. I was reminded of the song in the musical Hair “let the sun shine in” and I was seeing the image of the sun, red and yellow, being centre stage in the world.

After all the sun is life’s source isn’t it? I love having it around. Though only in doses I can take. Too much, I need to close the curtains. Too little, it becomes depressing.

In my life, the sun is symbolic of God. I love having him around too – but only in doses I can take!

Anyway, my morning meditation class was about letting go of stuff that, let’s face it, regularly hurts us. But we’ve become used to it! As I sat in meditation before the class I was aware of tension in my chest and throat. I know what its from – unexpressed hurt – anger, hurt, sadness….emotion. And I was thinking just this, that I really need to let go of all of this. But I and my body are so used to being this way. So I was contemplating “yep, it’s a hard road all this spiritual transformation stuff”. But, I am DETERMINED!

Just to let go and trust that I’m not going to fall into an abyss of, I don’t know what. But that’s what it kind of feels like. So I was just sending my body and my heart and mind lots of love because I think that’s what it’s going to take to shift it. I’m impatient though. Though I had ‘glimpses’ of the feeling of safety and security (i.e. love), I want it all to end and to be feeling all relaxed and happy. So that’s another thing I’m learning – i.e. patience. And, I am DETERMINED!

But one other thing I wanted to share with you was this beautiful metaphor for cyclic change. In the class, reference was made to how the rivers flow into the ocean, the sun evaporates the water and then it comes down as rain into the mountains which then flows into the rivers again. I was just thinking before, I’d like to hold on to this image as well. Nothing remains the same. Energy changes its form all the time. All I need to do is get into the ‘flow’ of what cycle I want to be in.  Old or new?


So, the images of the sun and the rivers and the mountains and the ocean! Yes, that’s the kind of ‘flow’ I want to be in.

Don’t you love it?

Lots of love,

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