pushing through the fear


Hi there soulsister!

This morning I was having one of those ‘full-of-fear’ moments, feeling overwhelmed by everything I need to do and by everything I don’t know how to do.  I managed to push through it by adopting a determined and focused attitude, talking to myself about it, talking to God about it, and getting on with things.

One of the thoughts I was having was “when do you know when to just quit?”  The answer I’ve come up with so far is when it is just too painful.  But how do you measure that?  How do you know that?  It seems many things are painful, but then we are encouraged and we encourage each other…..”just keep going”.  The pain, the hurt, the sadness and the fear are broken through and we are the stronger and the wiser for working through it.

So, I thought I’d post about this today.  Then as I was checking through my social media platforms I came across two significant posts.  The first one was this wording in a tweet by Marie Forleo @marieforleo via @disneystyle ….

Sometimes the right path

Yay!  Serendepity & Synchronicity visiting again 🙂

And the second post was a tweet by Delece Ford @storytelling4u via @coachbarrie about fear!

Barrie has listed 7 ways to get unstuck and take action if you are experiencing fear…..I have listed the 7 ways, but you might want to click on the link (in italics above) to see how she expands on each point – its good!  She says…..

“If you have a fear of failure that holds you back, here are 7 ways to get unstuck and take action:

1.  Recognise that fear is just a feeling.

2.  Assess the risk that fear spotlights.

3.  Take small, manageable actions.

4.  Expect fear to spike at big hurdles.

5.  Reframe your perception of success and failure.

6.  Surround yourself with positivity.

7.  Challenge your thoughts.”

I particularly liked no. 4.  Which one/s do you like?

I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

With much love,

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