the swans and the storks – a story

Swans & Storks Story

Dear soulsister,

Today I am going to tell you a story……

Once upon a time there was a kingdom that was full of swans and storks. This was a very confused kingdom. The swans and the storks were so different. Not only did they look different, but they spoke differently, they acted differently and their belief systems, which means their thinking, was different.

They had both been around for a very long time, yet the storks believed that the Kingdom belonged to them. Therefore, they believed it was a place for them to do as they pleased. Everything existed for their use and they could use anything at any time in any way they chose. They didn’t care if they ate all the fish, they didn’t care if they made enemies, they didn’t care if there were others in need, they didn’t care if whatever they did and however they did it made themselves sick! You would have thought they would care about THAT, but they didn’t. They just didn’t care about anything except getting what they wanted, when they wanted, and in anyway they could.

On the other hand, the Swans cared about EVERYTHING. And because of this they thought very deeply about what they thought, said and did. The Swans understood that their thoughts, words and actions impacted the world around them. They knew they affected the natural world, others and even their own bodies and souls. Therefore, they were very careful about what they did because they knew if they affected the natural world, others and their own bodies these things would actually affect them…..sooner or later. They understood ‘the secret’.

The Storks would strut around the kingdom eating and drinking all kinds of horrible things, yuk! They would talk, and even yell in big loud voices. They would be mean to each other and to the Swans whenever they got a chance. They would call each other names, make fun of others, put them down, get angry and even hit them, a n d even beat them! Sometimes, they would even do worse. And they thought that all of these things were very grand and even normal! They were big and tough and they made sure that everyone knew it. Some of them weren’t big and tough but they pretended they were otherwise they would be made fools of, and they didn’t want that.

The Swans on the other hand were gentle creatures. They were careful about what they ate and drank and only consumed the healthiest and cleanest foods they could find. They treated others with respect and were elegant and royal in their interactions. They were kind and loving and cared about everyone and everything. They made sure that everyone and everything were always ok. If they weren’t they set to work to make it ok.

Just as there were varying qualities of Storks, there were also varying qualities of Swans. Some Swans were extremely noble, and some ……well not so. You could even say they were almost Storks, but not quite. You see, some Swans kind of liked the company of Storks. They found them amusing and entertaining. They were impressed by them – “Oh, but they are so funny”, “They’re not THAT bad – they’re OK”, “Well, we’re all different”, they would say to the other Swans who cautioned them. The more noble Swans knew that the company a Swan kept (or a Stork kept for that matter) coloured them, and they tried to caution the ones who were ignorant of this. You see, they knew ‘the secret’!

But alas, some of the Swans just wouldn’t listen. They thought they knew best and they would spend more and more time with the Storks. Those Swans began to change. Every day they would become more and more like Storks. And then one day… happened! You couldn’t tell the difference. The Swan population dwindled. It became smaller and smaller and the Swans became really afraid. They were losing their Kingdom. They were losing everything that was dear to them.

But then a curious thing happened.

2nd part continuing tomorrow….

Hope you are enjoying…..much love,

Rebecca Signature

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