learnings and inspirations from the movie ‘Wild’

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Dear soulsister,

Every so often something moves you. This happened to me when I went to see the movie Wild. I don’t very often see a movie, mainly because I’m very selective about what I choose to let into myself.

But this movie caught my attention. Firstly because it tells the true story of a woman’s journey of release and healing after a divorce, a death and some fairly heavy-duty reckless and destructive behaviour. Secondly, because she chose to do this by hiking more than a thousand miles in the wilderness, alone (very courageous and no doubt, very beautiful and transforming). And thirdly, because Reese Witherspoon, who I love, not only acted in the movie but produced it as well, which I felt warranted my sisterly support.

I’m interested in how women go on these types of deeply transformative journeys and today I thought I would share a few of the lessons and inspirations I took from the story.

  1. Silence and alone-time, especially in nature, can play an important role in helping us to get to know ourselves. Away from the distractions of everyday living we have the ‘space’ to be able to see, hear and feel what is really going on inside and address it
  1. Challenging ourselves to do something can bring about huge transformation, especially if it’s something totally out of our usual realm of experience. We have to ‘fend for ourselves’. We have to work out ways to do things we wouldn’t normally do. We have to adapt or create a different routine to get us through. We have to find ways to make ourselves feel comfortable and easy. In this, we get to use and learn new skills and talents and stretch ourselves.
  1. Courage, determination and willpower are all needed if we want to change. There will be times when it just feels too hard, or it’s too painful, but I HAVE to keep going. If I don’t, I may never get to where I really want to be.
  1. Honesty, being true to who I really am, conquers everything. I win the game of life then, and I win the respect and love of friends along the way
  1. Always be grateful, compassionate and well-mannered.
  1. Naturalness is such a healer. Whether it be the naturalness of nature, or the naturalness of an interaction with an animal or another human being. When its true and honest and pure, its perfection right there.
  1. Alone-time is good, but so is time spent with others. Its good for me to keep a balance.

So, soulsister. If you’re inspired, take a trip into the wilderness one day soon. Breathe in deeply and let the energy of the elements shift you, move you and shape you. Get back to nature, get back to yourself, and thrive!

Much love always,

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