facing and conquering weaknesses

Crimson Batik

Dear soulsister,

Ah, the wonderful world of self-change. The world where it is imperative to face our weaknesses and get the better of them – conquer them, tame them, destroy them, be the master over them….

A few weeks ago I came across a methodology I really liked.

In the past, when any of my weaknesses came up – say for instance I felt angry or panicked, I would suppress it, ignore it, scold it or in some other way violate it. I’d get angry that I was angry or scared – how weird is that? It had never occurred to me to welcome it and love it. Accept it. Befriend it. To me weaknesses were always something I didn’t want and I certainly didn’t want anyone else seeing that I had them! No. They would be chased away or hidden as soon as possible. Often this didn’t work! Or, I was too late!

So, I learnt this new method of welcoming, acknowledging, accepting and loving my weaknesses. I came to understand that my weaknesses are just the good parts of me all screwed up. All twisted and dirty and sad, lonely and very very unhappy, and in need of understanding, compassion and love.

And I’ve been practising. Whenever I feel something negative arising in me I face it face on. I walk right up to it…..sometimes it can be hiding a bit, but when I coax it out I treat it gently, say hi and give it a sweet hug. I tell it I love it and I’m sorry that it’s in so much pain and I know all it really wants is for me to acknowledge that and give it love. I give it love – lots of love.   And you know what? It goes away. It just dissolves. I don’t have to go through those awful feelings of suppressing, ignoring, being bossy, hiding and shame…..adding to the problem.

They may not go forever, but then again they may. It depends on how deep and strong the weakness is. But I know that the next time they appear there will be a little less of them. Because of the love I gave, they have softened and lightened up. We have become friends, no longer enemies. They are teaching me to relax and be easy, to be patient and compassionate…..and to have FUN on the journey of self-change. That can’t be bad!

If you are on this journey, give it a go, or share what works for you when you’re confronted by your weaknesses.

Tomorrow I’ll share some inspirations I took from a movie that I watched a little while ago.

Until then, take care.

much love always,

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