Looking for Love?

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Dearest soulsister,

One of my favourite books is The 7 Myths About Love……Actually! by Mike George at www.mythsoflove.com. According to Mike the 7 myths are :

  • Love is required
  • Love is acquired
  • You fall in love
  • Love is attachment
  • Love is exclusive
  • Love hurts, and
  • Love is lost

I urge you to read this book.  You will be struck by how these 7 ideas that we often hear and may even believe about love, are as Mike says, simply myths, because love is actually who and what we are. Love is a quality.  It isn’t a ‘thing’.  It is a quality of the ‘self’.  Not the body, but YOU, the one who sits in the body and moves the body around. Love always IS.  It cannot be gotten, had, bought, given away, lost nor found.

Mike says “When its light is seen it is found to be in the place where it cannot be sought and it can never leave, which is here, and in the only time it can ever exist, which is now.  In that moment, all the accumulated mythologies of love fall away.  In the moment the words most used in the affairs of humankind, “I love you”, are transformed from an illusion into something closer to the truth,…..”I am love for you.”  And then, into the deepest truth that words are inadequate to describe, “I am love.”

So soulsister, are you looking for love, wanting love, falling in love or do you think love is hurting you or, you have lost love? Think again. Consider the idea that you ARE love.  Feel YOUrself, and love will be there.

Tomorrow…….I’ll be sharing three of my favourite quotes.

Until then much love,

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