what type of happiness do you want?

Teacosy 3

Dearest soulsister,

There is no nourishment like the nourishment of happiness.

Happiness makes us feel good. It gives us energy and makes us sparkle. We get it from kindness and goodness and from being with people, pets and things we love, and doing the things that we love. We get it from achieving and attaining goals and aims in our lives, feeling successful and proud that we have faced challenges and hurdles and found a way over, through or around them. We get it from buying the latest gadget or something that is going to make our lives easier. And we can get it at the expense of another’s happiness; we can feel happy that we won or got more than another person.

Happiness can be superficial and temporary or it can be the type that is everlasting. The trick is to be able to discern which type it is. Always question, where your happiness is coming from. If your source of happiness is material, your happiness will be temporary because matter is temporary – it breaks, can be lost and it disintegrates – it may last a day, a week, a year or a lifetime, but only that. If your happiness comes at the expense of another’s, also it will be temporary as this is dirty happiness. Dirty happiness never lasts because your true state of being is to be clean. The dirt will have to go. If the source of your happiness is spiritual – based on an exchange or experience of virtue, your happiness will be everlasting because this is who you really are – you are adding to yourself, not taking away – and so your happiness will last for many lifetimes – for eternity.

So be careful what happiness you choose. Ask yourself, what type of happiness is it that you want?

Tomorrow, a recipe for happily taking care of our natural world – DIY natural shampoo!

until then…..with love,


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