3 ways to make your mind ok

Green Circles

Dearest soulsister,

Today we will look at ways to make your mind ok. When your mind is not ok it can make the rest of you feel not ok. Your body can feel drained, tired, sick, irritable, depressed, sad…..and the list goes on.

Thoughts are like seeds and the wonderful thing is that we can choose what thoughts we have. We can choose what we want our minds to look and feel like. Seeds have the potential to grow into a flower or a beautiful tree, or a weed or a thorn bush.

A few ways to make your mind ok are……

  1. Choose the thoughts you want to have in your mind. Thoughts will come into your mind as they want, however YOU have the power to choose which ones you want to take root or play in your mind. So choose well and put your energies into sustaining those thoughts so that they grow and become strong.
  2. Take some time out to focus on getting your mind right again. Just as you would care for a sick child or friend. Adopt an attitude of caring and loving. Be gentle with your mind and give it some space. Be quiet for a bit or even a day. Rest is needed when there is sickness. Medicine is also needed. So, feed into your mind thoughts and feelings that are good and positive. Write, read, listen to – only positive and uplifting things and coax your mind to begin to have only positive and uplifting thoughts.
  3. Adopt an ATTITUDE of gratitude. Write down all the things that you are grateful for. As you write, really try to FEEL the feelings of gratitude. Allow those feelings to permeate your being. Then write a letter to all the things you are grateful for and tell them why you are grateful and how they make your life wonderful and happy.

Tomorrow we will talk about happiness…..

until then…..with love,


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