a Beautiful mind


Dearest soulsister,

Is your mind beautiful?

A beautiful mind is like a garden or a perfect summer’s day. The sun, bright and warm. A gentle soft breeze. Butterflies dancing from flower to flower and bees happily taking their wares.   The sound of children laughing as they play. Everyone feels better when days are like this. The energies of the natural world are in harmony and they move freely around and through each other. On days like this the human soul feels uplifted and glad to be alive.

Today is for checking if your mind looks and feels like this – beautiful. So it’s a day for checking your thoughts, for they are like the flowers that grow in it, or the breeze that blows through it, or the children that play around in it. The quality of your thoughts are what make your mind what it is.

Do your thoughts need to be stilled and quieted, or loved, tended and cared for? Perhaps they need to be directed and guided to go in the way you want them to go. Perhaps they need a good talking to, a firm hand, a lesson about consequences of action, for your thinking is an action is it not? Every thought leads to a consequence.

So take some time now and spend time with your mind. Ask….

What are you doing? Are you okay? How do you feel? Is there another way? Are you happy? And if not why? What can I do to make it okay?

Tomorrow……ways you can make your mind ok.

until then…..with love,


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