being the Master of your life

Kindness Flower

Dearest soulsister,

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be affected by influences that don’t help us in our lives. We can be influenced by other people – their attitude and what they say, think and do, and we can also be influenced by our own inner weak self-talk.

If you want to be free of influences that are unhelpful to you, firstly you need to adopt the attitude of being the master of your life. All of us have the right to be the master over our own lives and decide how we want to live them. We have the right to make our own path and think and feel how we choose.

Never hand your throne of self-mastery over to anyone else or to your weak inner-self – that inner voice that tells you how bad and wrong you are. Never step down and become the beggar, the servant or the victim in your life.

Remember you have choice to think and feel how you want.

You can choose to :

  • think about how great you are and what you have done well in your life instead of thinking that you’re not good enough and others are better.
  • think about how great your plans, ideas and dreams are instead of thinking they are stupid and ridiculous.
  • think that you are going to keep going no matter what, instead of giving up and feeling hopeless.

So, whenever you’re feeling down and don’t want to be, think about what you’ve been listening to. What messages have you been allowing yourself to believe about who you are and what you’re doing? And remind yourself that YOU are the master of YOUR life.

Tomorrow…….we’ll talk about having a beautiful mind.

until then…..with love,


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